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Dish Network and DirecTV Merger at Hand?

In the world of satellite TV, Dish Network and DirecTV are known to be the two companies vying for the position of number one. But that may change with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision which gave the green-light to … Continue reading

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DISH Network’s TV Everywhere: A guide

Would you like your TV for here or to go? With the recent release of DISH Remote Access app in the Android market for Android powered tablets (DISH Network being the first to do so), perhaps an introduction for the … Continue reading

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DISH Defends Customers’ Right to Free Movies

Dish Network Goes to Court to Defend Their Right to Give Subscribers Free Starz Programming Dish Network won the latest legal round in its ongoing battle with the Walt Disney Company and Starz Entertainment over the company’s decision to provide … Continue reading

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Why did DISH buy Blockbuster? I have a theory…

You may be wondering along with much of the world, “What is DISH Network thinking? Buying Blockbuster?!? What could DISH possibly benefit from this fire-sale purchase?” Well, I have a theory… Continue reading

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DISH Network is Going Big- Blockbuster Big!

DISH Network has something big in the works!
We found a great article about DISH Network’s acquisition of Blockbuster, by InvestorPlace on Wed, Apr 6, 2011 7:48 AM. Continue reading

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