Why did DISH buy Blockbuster? I have a theory…

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You may be wondering along with much of the world, “What is DISH Network thinking?  Buying Blockbuster?!?  Aren’t they a bust? What could DISH possibly benefit from this fire-sale purchase?”  Well, I have a theory…

These questions have been running through my mind since I heard the news, and the answers to this riddle may just rest somewhere in DISH Network’s DVR & “TV Everywhere” technology, and where it appears to be headed.

DISH Network has made a mark on the industry with the ViP series satellite receivers from EchoStar- most notably the DuoDVR 722k and the cutting-edge ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR.  Also among DISH’s notable developments is their “TV Everywhere” or Slingbox technology (built-in to the ViP 922), which allows you to watch your favorite TV shows in HD on computers, laptops, and mobile devices that support the connection!

While Slingbox technology doesn’t currently utilize ALL of the awesome features of DISH Network’s ViP satellite receivers, upgrades and improvements are constant and I see a time in the very near future when they are fully integrated.  The ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR is the perfect example of this inevitable evolution.  SatelliteGuys.US is a leading internet forum for the satellite tv industry, and they wrote the best article I’ve found to date on the ViP 922.

So now you may be asking, “Where does this fit into your theory on why DISH Network purchased Blockbuster?”  Good question.  I bet many of you are guessing it has to do with Blockbuster’s access to a huge library of movies, tv shows, and other videos.  You’d be close.

I’m sure Blockbuster’s library was part of their reasoning; it will definitely help them get on parr and/or ahead of the competition’s.  Yet I think that most people are overlooking another element of Blockbuster that, while maybe not useful in the immediate present, could very well put them ahead of the game, quite literally, in the near future.  Yes, I’m talking about Blockbuster’s impressive collection of video games.

DISH Network dedicates a lot of time and attention to the integration of industry-leading technologies, and like to look to what’s next.  Blockbuster’s movie/video library is, in itself, worth more than the price that DISH paid, and this may be their main motivation, but I would bet dollars to dimes that the video games were the real goal in this recent suprise move.  Who knows?  I could be wrong…

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