Take a Family Trip to the Farthest Reaches of the Earth With Animal Planet

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If you dream of traveling the world to experience the sights and sounds of the great outdoors but are limited by financial and time constraints, Animal Planet offers the opportunity for you and your family to experience exotic wildlife from the comfort of your home! With a near-endless selection of programming catering to wildlife enthusiasts of all types, Animal Planet has something for everyone—from those who prefer the cute and cuddly to adventure-hounds attracted to the more dangerous side of the natural world.

Animal Planet offers a variety of programming for viewers who want to experience wildlife across the United States. Those interested in domestic animals can learn about household pets on such shows as Cats 101 and Dogs 101. For thrill-seekers there’s Rattlesnake Republic, which documents the dangerous journeys of Texas rattlesnake wranglers whose livelihoods depend upon their travels to uncharted terrains to capture this deadly snake. On Wild West Alaska viewers are transported to the country’s northernmost state, where they can watch as the reality show’s stars go about their often unusual daily lives in one of the nation’s wildest locales!

For viewers who desire a more international experience, Animal Planet includes a wealth of shows focusing on locales across the globe. The six-part series Ice Cold Gold, for instance, follows a group of American miners on their journey through uncharted areas in Greenland. Raised Wild provides an intimate look at the lives of feral children, following anthropologist Dr. Mary-Ann Ochota on her quest to learn more about wild children across three continents and in a variety of landscapes. And Battleground: Rhino Wars documents the war to protect rhinoceroses in South Africa, where poachers will do almost anything to acquire these magnificent creatures’ valuable horns.

Animal Planet’s lineup also offers programming for those more inclined toward the aquatic world. Shows such as Catfishin’ Kings, Hillbilly Handfishin’, and Off the Hook cater to the fishermen and women out there. In River Monsters Jeremy Wade takes freshwater fishing to the next level, exploring waterways across the globe—and in this season across America—to uncover elusive and often dangerous creatures of the watery deep. Whale Wars, which follows activist group Sea Shepherd on their North Atlantic journey to stop whaling, offers the viewer a combination of beautiful ocean scenery and an up-close look at the controversy surrounding whaling practices worldwide.

These titles represent just a sampling of Animal Planet’s diverse programming, which is available to viewers through the Dish FAMILY package, as well as through the Top 200 and 250 packages and the America’s Everything Pak. So dream no longer, because Animal Planet can transport you and your family members to faraway and seemingly inaccessible locales to experience thrills, chills, and a wealth of learning for every type of adventurer!

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