Have a Roving Family TV Night with Dish

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Today’s families are busier than ever. From the heads of the household to the youngest children, days are packed to the brim with work, school, after-school activities, social obligations, and more. How can today’s families find time to connect and spend time together?

In the past, families gathered and bonded around the television for decades, and it’s a time-tested method – but it’s no longer necessary to gather around the television at a specific time and a specific room just to catch your favorite shows!

Thanks to Hopper from DISH TV, everyone in the house can break free from the broadcast schedule and watch television on your own time, whenever it suits them. Seven PM might be when the kids’ soccer game ends, but with Hopper, you won’t have to miss your favorite shows, and neither will they.

These days, televisions can be found in nearly every room of the house, with each member of the family watch and record their own shows from Hopper thanks to Joey, DISH’s multi-room extenders. But instead of always allowing your family to scatter through the house, you can use these devices to bring your family together again.

Here’s how it works: everyone in the family selects one show, up to an hour long, from their list of favorite programs. Make a list a week ahead, and make sure Hopper is programmed to record the latest from each show. Don’t worry about filling up Hopper – it has space for up to 2,000 hours of television, movies, and sports!

The hard part might be picking a night of the week where everyone can get together, but once you’ve done that, you can start your roaming TV party. Make up some snacks that are low-mess, like popcorn or other finger foods, and get ready to move. Tonight, you’ll be gathering together to watch each family member’s favorite family-friendly show in their own rooms!

Bring extra chairs, bean bags, pillows, or just squeeze together onto the bed and watch the recorded show on Joey. Now, your favorite show might not be your child’s favorite, but thanks to Hopper’s ability to pause and rewind shows, you can stop the show and answer anyone’s questions about the characters or what’s happened in past episodes. This feature comes in especially handy, especially for long-running shows with plenty of back story.

It’s important to lay some ground rules early on that everyone can be respectful of the others’ choices; the old saying about not saying anything if you don’t have something nice to say might be a good one here. Questions are good, but criticism wouldn’t be fair, so everyone should try to keep an open mind about the viewing choices. And who knows – you might find out you’ve been missing some really great television!

Once you wrap up your first show of the night, everybody gathers up their seats and you can move on to the next family member’s show and the next room. Watch and repeat for a fun and very different night in the home, sure to be filled with laughter, excitement, and suspense, depending on what shows everyone picks!

Thanks to Hopper and Joey, you can bring the family back together, on your own terms, around the televisions in your home, and in the process, you can learn more about each other, despite your hectic lives.

With satellite services from DISH TV, you also have access to cutting-edge DVR technology. Record your favorite movies and shows and watch at your leisure. And with a Hopper and Joey from DISH, you can record 3 DISH channels at once and watch, rewind, pause and record your programs from any connected TV in your house!

With the addition of a DISH Sling Adapter to your DISH services, you can enjoy your favorite DISH channels and programs while away from home. Watch movies, local news, live programs, or recorded shows on your computer’s browser or mobile device anywhere you can connect to the internet.

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