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Movies have been a favorite form of entertainment for quite some time – from silent films in black and white, to the visually-spectacular big-budget blockbusters of today. A great movie can resonate with future audiences as well as current ones and continue to entertain generation after generation. Many parents love to share their favorite movies with their children, and many children love to share their favorite movies with their friends. Whether we are part of a theater audience, or gathered in front of the living-room TV, sharing the movies that we love with the people that we love is a great way to create lasting memories.

Movies have become an enduring part of our collective cultural experience – so much so that there are a number of awards shows dedicated to recognizing movies and the people who make them. During the awards season each year, many film fans eagerly wait to see if their favorites have been nominated. Many invite family and close friends over to watch the awards shows together.

What could be more fun than arranging a party based on your favorite movies and movie stars? You could adorn your living room with decorations inspired by the nominated movies or maybe have guests come dressed as their favorite movie characters or actors. You could also entertain your guests with movie trivia or arrange a buffet of delicious hors d’oeuvres and snacks based on some popular movies. There are many possibilities for a fun and memorable movie awards show party. And don’t be surprised if there is a little friendly competition among your guests as they root for their favorite nominees!

Any movie fans in your house? Do they prefer science-fiction films, comedies, romances, or action-adventures? Perhaps classic films or something for the kids? With satellite services from DISH TV, you can get access to over 30 premium movie channels including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. You can also get access to great channels such as the Hallmark Movie Channel, Turner Classic Movies, the Sundance channel, and Lifetime Movie Network. DISH TV offers channel packages of all varieties to suit your TV entertainment needs. From the affordable SMART PACK package – which offers over 50 DISH channels including local channels – to the America’s Everything Pak which offers 250 great channels as well as over 30 premium movie channels. The America’s Everything Pak also includes local regional sports networks for the sports fans in the house.

With satellite services from DISH TV, you also have access to cutting-edge DVR technology. Record your favorite movies and shows and watch at your leisure. And with a Hopper and Joey from DISH, you can record 3 DISH channels at once and watch, rewind, pause and record your programs from any connected TV in your house!

With the addition of a DISH Sling Adapter to your DISH services, you can enjoy your favorite DISH channels and programs while away from home. Watch movies, local news, live programs, or recorded shows on your computer’s browser or mobile device anywhere you can connect to the internet.

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