DISH TV has Great Channels for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Autumn is a wonderful season for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. The oppressive heat and humidity of summer give way to cooler, more inviting temperatures. Whether you enjoy biking the local trails, hiking through the woods to view the beautiful autumn colors, or sitting by a campfire with your friends to cook some freshly-caught fish, the fall season is a marvelous time to revive your love of the great outdoors.

Whether you’re a hiker, biker, fisherman, or hunter, there’s no better place to learn about all the wonders that the great outdoors has to offer than on DISH TV. With channels such as National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild, Planet Green, the Outdoor Channel, and the Sportsman Channel, DISH TV is the place to connect with the outdoors and learn more about some of your favorite outdoor activities and travel destinations.

For those rugged adventurers interested in wildlife and nature, the National Geographic channels available on DISH TV offer a host of great programs that feature a variety of animals such as bears, sharks, snakes, crocodiles, insects, and much more. Many of these programs are filmed in exotic locations around the world and are a great way to learn more about our planet and its diversity of inhabitants. From locations such as Denali Park in Alaska, the Arctic Norwegian Islands, Bangkok, Thailand, and many more destinations, these programs are sure to entertain as well as educate.

DISH TV also offers the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel for those who keep up with the latest in hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities and adventures. With a DISH TV channel package you can have access to some of the best TV programs dedicated to the great outdoors.

With the Dish SMART PACK, you get to enjoy over 50 DISH channels including all your local channels, the Outdoor Channel, the Weather Channel, CBS Sports Network, the Science Channel, Animal Planet, and many more. With the DISH America’s Top 250 channel package, you can enjoy over 250 great channels including such favorites as the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild, Planet Green, the Outdoor Channel, the Sportsman Channel, and the History Channel, as well as the Encore movie channels and Turner Classic Movies. With the variety of DISH satellite TV channel packages available, you are able to better personalize your TV viewing.

And, if you find yourself away from home for either work or vacation, you don’t have to miss your favorite DISH programs. Simply take your DISH programming on-the-go with the addition of a DISH DVR and DISH Sling Adapter. You can watch live or recorded shows on your computer’s browser or mobile device anywhere you can connect to the internet. So, whether you’re at your cabin on the lake, or hiking your favorite nature trail, you can catch your favorite programs with DISH.

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