DISH Multi-Sport Package Free Until January 2012

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Are you ready for some football? If you’ve got DISH, then YES, you are!

Unless you’ve been on another planet you know that the NFL football season is a go, and folks are gathering around the TV to watch all of their favorite teams and players. Question is- Are you getting all of the action? If you don’t have DISH Network, then you probably aren’t.

DISH Network NFL Redzone

Get DISH Network and you get the ultimate in NFL and fantasy football coverage, with the Multi-Sport Package, featuring the NFL RedZone and NFL Network. The NFL RedZone brings you every touchdown from every game, as well as the best plays, every week. NFL RedZone also gives you in-depth fantasy football coverage unmatched by other sports channels. The NFL Network adds to your football experience with the most comprehensive analysis and news from around the league. Take these two TV channels and mix in some of DISH Network’s advanced “TV Everywhere” Sling technology, and you have the recipe for a football fanatic’s paradise! Doesn’t get much better than that for a football fan, does it? Oh wait, it does…

DISH Network Multi-Sport PackageOrder DISH Network today and get the Multi-Sport Package FREE until January! Yep, you heard it here. FREE until January. Now here’s the kicker- you don’t have to do anything to get this special offer; DISH Network is apparently as excited as we are for football season, and is including the Multi-Sport add-on with almost ALL of their TV packages! Just get America’s Top 120+ TV package or higher, and it’s already included. There is also no need to cancel after the promotional period; DISH will automatically do it for you! Now I can see myself getting upset when the Multi-Sport Pak disappears from my channel line-up, but I’d rather call to keep it than to have to cancel before my account is charged (which is how it usually goes).

Of course, with all of the other sports networks available, I’ll be keeping the Multi-Sport add-on long after football season ends. On top of the extensive NFL coverage, the Multi-Sport Package offers up heaping portions of all sports, and is the essential add-on for any serious sports fan, with sports channels that include NBA TV, NHL Network, Big Ten Network, Fox Soccer Channel, Fuel TV, and 25 local sports networks!

Now just as I thought my football season and other sports coverage was near perfect with the Multi-Sport package, DISH Network has gone and introduced the Tailgater- a portable automatic satellite antenna under $400 and weighing less than 10 pounds. Now you die-hards can throw down a tailgate party no matter where you happen to be. The DISH Tailgater is worth a blog in itself, especially for the fact that it costs over $500 LESS than the competition and- unlike the competition- automatically searches and connects to the strongest DISH Network satellite signal, so you don’t have to play the “Anything Yet?” game. But I digress. As I said, the Tailgater is a blog in itself and will be looked into later.

DISH Network has really pulled out all the stops this year in giving their customers everything they could possible ask for in coverage of professional football. With the NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and the availability of all your local channels DISH Network has raised the bar in coverage of America’s favorite sport, going above and beyond anything offered by other satellite and cable TV providers. Add the amazing technology of TV Everywhere and the portable Tailgater antenna, and you truly have the ultimate football viewing experience!

DISH Network scored a touchdown with their promotional offer of the Multi-Sport Package, and I would say that the introduction of the Tailgater portable satellite antenna is a 2-point conversion. The other cable and satellite TV providers are going to be “playing from behind” the rest of the season and beyond. Good luck catching up, boys!

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