Get 3 Months of Free Blockbuster from DISH

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You probably know by now that DISH Network has purchased Blockbuster – the pioneer in the movie and game rentals industry. But are you aware that you can get 3 months of “Blockbuster Movies and Games by Mail” for free?

Both new and current subscribers of DISH Network are eligible for this offer; it’s sort of Blockbuster’s way of telling the world that they now have this tremendous video resource. Under this promotion, each customer may receive the “1-Disc at a Time” option from “Blockbuster By Mail” service for three months at no additional charge when they sign up for DISH Network satellite services. This promotion also allows you to get free rentals at any of the Blockbuster brick-and-mortar locations across the country.

Some of the features include:

-Unlimited choices for movies, TV shows and games through the mail

-FREE In-store exchanges

-More than 100,000 titles to choose from

-Many new releases available 28 days before Netflix® and Redbox®

-Blu-ray DVD rentals are available at no extra fee

-No due dates or late fees

-Get 5 in-store DVD exchanges per month at your local Blockbuster store

Unfortunately, this offer does not include, nor does DISH have the ability to offer online streaming service, at least not yet anyway. Though not to worry, other services offered by DISH when you subscribe to DISH Network, customers can watch live TV or access their DVR content from their mobile device using Sling Technology; and DISH has 15x’s more titles than DirecTV’s Cinema and 5x’s more titles than Comcast’s On Demand service. You won’t find anything similar to this in the market today.  And with Netflix having just announcing that they are doubling fees for streaming video and television, this is a great option for those of you looking to save money, and tell Netflix to drop dead.

How to get this DISH deal?

Blockbuster Logo

After activation of your DISH Network service, you can get your free “Blockbuster By Mail” 3-month trial straight away. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1:

Simply create or login to your DISH Network account online at »

(This step is very important since the proper registration form can ONLY be accessed through the DISH Network link provided by accessing

Select ‘Get Blockbuster’ from the My Account Menu on the left

Select the red Submit button to go to the Blockbuster site and sign up for this offer!

Step 2:

Create your account on the Blockbuster website

After clicking submit on ‘Get Blockbuster’ page:

Create your account through the Blockbuster website by filling out all required fields (*).

Select Start My Free Trial to complete your 1 “Disc at a Time” trial registration.

(Your “Blockbuster By Mail” account will require valid email address, Internet connection, and valid form of payment.)

NOTE for new subscribers: The “Blockbuster by Mail” offer requires activation of new qualifying DISH Network service between 8/11/11 and 1/31/12 and an online DISH Network account. You must redeem the offer within 45 days following your DISH Network service order.


From here it just gets better. When you have successfully created your “Blockbuster By Mail” account from the DISH Network link, all you have to do is log in to and browse from over 100,000 titles. Select the DVD you want to rent and it will be shipped to you within 1-2 days.

Returning the DVD only takes a simple and quick walk to your mailbox with Blockbuster providing the return envelopes as well. Shipping is to and from is covered by DISH/Blockbuster so you don’t have to worry about incurring extra costs. It does beg the question however of, how in the world are they making any money on this deal?  Rent as many movies, games and TV shows that you can; and keep in mind though you can only rent one DVD at a time.

Even better, if you’re near a Blockbuster store that is participating in this promo, you need to check as a few are not included in this promotion; you can skip mailing and instead exchange the mailed DVD for a new one five times in a month at a BB location.

But you better get moving because this offer ends August 10, 2011.

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