Save Money During the Recession with DISH Network!

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DISH Network just keeps shelling out the deals!

These past couple of years have seen people really clamp down on their spending, and folk are getting wiser about how their hard-earned money is spent.  This trend is seen in the TV and home entertainment industry, where people are switching between satellite & cable providers like never before, to take advantage of the latest & greatest sales and promotions.  Because of this satellite and cable TV providers are pulling out all the stops to gain your business.

Now, like most everyone else these days, I have had to make drastic changes in my family’s spending, and like most people I, too, have played “musical chairs” in finding the best value for my TV and home entertainment.  I thought to myself, “Maybe I can switch providers, and their introductory offer will save me money- at least for a little while.”  Well, how about continuing to save money after the promotion is over?  Only one place to go- DISH Network.  And DISH Network has some stellar current promotional offers on top of their already low prices!

Right now, DISH Network has cut $15/month off of their core English packages and $10/month off of their core Latino packages for at least a year!  This pretty much guarantees the lowest core price among TV providers, and DISH Network sweetens the pot with added promotional offers that will take your TV viewing experience to a new level, without breaking the bank!

DISH Network asks for a 24-month commitment and enrollment in a recurring online auto-pay plan, which is about what you’d expect from any company in the industry.  What you get in return from DISH Network, however, is sweeter than any TV providers’ promotional offers I’ve come across in recent memory!

In return for signing on with this commitment, DISH Network rewards you with some incredible offers, like FREE HD FOR LIFE, 3 months of free HBO and SHOWTIME, and a free HD DVR upgrade!  These are reason enough to upgrade your home entertainment to all-digital, all-HD; and with DISH Network offering FREE professional Installation in up to 6 rooms, you’d have to give me a darn good reason NOT to take full advantage of these deals!

I must add that DISH Network doesn’t cut any corners with their Free DVR upgrade.  Most offers like this one require a purchase of an item “of equal or greater value” in order to get the free one.  DISH Network does just the opposite; whichever piece of equipment in your order that costs the most money is the one you will get for free!  Unheard of!  Yet that is testament to DISH Network’s dedication to making the highest quality television affordable and available for everyone.

There are signs that we are slowly beginning to climb out of this recession, yet there is still a ways to go, and we are all going to have to manage our budgets carefully for a while longer.  I do sleep better at night, however, knowing I’ve made the right choice in my TV provider.  With their current deals, and the fact that DISH Network now carries all of my local channels at no extra costs, my quest for the ultimate value in TV/home entertainment has gone full-circle and ends right where it began- with DISH Network!

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