DISH Network’s TV Everywhere: A guide

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Would you like your TV for here or to go?

With the recent release of DISH Remote Access app in the Android market for Android powered tablets (DISH Network being the first to do so), perhaps an introduction for the uninitiated into the  DISH TV Everywhere experience is in order (not everyone, after all, can keep up with the lightning fast innovations of technology). But never fear, as this article was written to be read at your own pace. So feel free to sip your mai tai while you’re at it.

What is DISH TV Everywhere?

It’s an enhancement offered by DISH Network giving customers the ability to take their TV anywhere (not a literal TV of course!). Through supported devices listed below, customers can watch (with a Sling Adapter for ViP®722 or ViP 722k HD DuoDVR or Slingloaded DVR such as the ViP 922) live TV, their favorite programs, local news, and live sports while on the road, at work or any place away from home.

List of supported devices:
Computers i.e. PC or Mac
Android tablets i.e. Samsung Galaxy Tab with Sling
Android phones
iPod touch
Blackberry smartphones

Huge capability in a small package.

Replace The Remote Control

What’s more, TV Everywhere provides DISH subscribers the capability to use the supported devices as a remote control to compatible models of Dish Network DVRs(522, 625, ViP 612 DVR, ViP 722 DVR/ViP 722k DVR, ViP 622 DVR). The full-featured program manager can be accessed without interrupting your family’s viewing pleasure.

Through the free app DISH Remote Access, you can watch TV, search your TV’s program guide, schedule a recording and manage your DVR, and control your receiver. However, some features are only available through a broadband Internet connection.

Take note: Prior to using DISH Remote Access on mobile devices, one must first login into their DISH Network online customer account and select DISH Remote Access in order to initiate the function and service.

PC and Mac users:

If DISH Network subscribers have not yet created an online customer account, they will need to begin by going to the Dish website and creating a username and password for their DISH Network online customer account at,, in order to use DISH Remote Access.

Compatible Internet browsers are the following:

Internet Explorer (I.E.) Version 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0;
Firefox Version 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0;
Safari for a computer or Safari for a mobile device.

Android Tablets and Android Phones
The DISH Remote Access app can be downloaded for free in the Android marketplace.

iPhone / iPad
The free DISH Remote Access app is available through the Apps icon on the iPhone or iPad, or through the Apps store on iTunes at In addition, iPhone users need not go to the mobile site of DISH Network. They can login directly to the site of DISH Remote Access.

David Carnoy of CNET writes:
“We tried the updated app and it worked as advertised, and we liked the interface on the iPad…In other words, video quality will vary according to your bandwidth (on both sides of the connection). For those who want to use their iPad as a “mobile” TV in their homes, the streaming quality should be quite decent over your home Wi-Fi network.”

Never miss another clutch play!

iPod Touch

Use Safari to access the mobile website address Once at the mobile website, customers can log on to DISH Remote Access using their online customer account username and password.

The DISH Remote Access app is still in beta. It’s currently available for download for the following units: 8520, 8900, 9000, and 9700 BlackBerry models.

DISH Remote Access,
David Carnoy, Hands-on: Dish Remote Access app for iPhone/iPad

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