Sunday Football Just Got Better with NFL RedZone on DISH Network!

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This past football season has shown that Sunday afternoons have become a lot more exciting for DISH Network fans, and not just because my beloved Packers are in the Super Bowl.  It’s also because DISH Network brought us game-to-game coverage in HD on NFL RedZone. The NFL Redzone is a very popular sports channel, which caters to DISH Network fans.  It was a close season for the Pack this year, and I was able to follow them closely while still catching all the highlights from around the conference and the league. With DISH Network and the NFL Redzone you won’t miss any of the action!!

Now every Sunday afternoon during the football season you can catch highlights from ANY game with the NFL RedZone. The channel takes you from game to game where you can see all the major moments, as they take place, in HD. The NFL RedZone is an absolute must-have channel for any serious football fan. The RedZone is also the perfect network for fantasy football.

  • NFL RedZone offers every NFL touchdown from EVERY game from across the country, every Sunday afternoon in HD.
  • You have the ability to watch your local game while staying tuned into the action from around the  NFL with DISH Network’s Picture in Picture feature.
  • Worried about missing the action while away from your TV?? Worry NO MORE!  With DISH Network you can watch your favorite players on game day anywhere that has high speed internet access by using your Smartphone or Laptop.  This is done through the state of the art ViP 922 Slingloaded HD DVR from DISH Network.  Simply Log On and start watching!
  • Still not enough football for you? DISH Network also offers the NFL Network. Plain and simple, it is your 24/7 NFL channel.  The NFL Network is also the ONLY place to exclusively air Thursday games!

So if you’re serious about your football, I suggest signing on with one of DISH Network’s various TV packages that include the NFL Network and the Multi-Sport Package- which has the NFL RedZone.  DISH Network’s sports programming and add-on sports packages provide exceptional entertainment value for the sports fan. The NFL lives on DISH Network, and now so do I.

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