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The dog days of summer are right around the corner. For most, this means watering the lawn and staying close to a shaded spot on the porch and a pitcher of iced tea. In the sporting world, this time of year also means the beginning of NFL training camp. The heat of summer will quickly dissipate and football season will soon start.

By the time NFL training camp begins, most of the new drafts have signed their contracts and the players are on the field at their training camp sites. This is the time to make your game-watching plan, because the pre-season games will commence soon enough. After that, the regular season games dominate the TV schedule. For NFL football fans across the globe, every Sunday afternoon and Monday night becomes a celebration of cheering and chips and beverages and dips. And at the far end of the regular season begins the hard charge toward Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. And if you’re an NFL football fan (and who isn’t), there’s no better place to see all the grid-iron action than on DISH TV.

From the Eastern Division to the Western, coast to coast, NFL football is one of the great American games. When the TV is tuned to the start of a game featuring a couple of your favorite NFL teams, there are few things more enjoyable than gathering your friends, grilling a few burgers and bratwursts, and showing your support as the teams take the field.

If you’ve ever been to a pro football game, you know that half the fun comes from gathering at the stadium and sharing in the excitement as the players advance toward the goal line. From the National Anthem to the final score, the excitement never lets up. But when you can’t make it to the stadium, DISH TV brings it all together for you and your fellow football fans. In fact, the best place to catch the game is on DISH TV!

Football fans across the nation agree! DISH TV has all your NFL football needs covered with the DISH Multi-Sport Package. With access to the NFL RedZone and Fox Sports Networks, you can see every touchdown during every game on every Sunday. When it comes to the home team, you’ll never miss a moment of the action. When you can’t go to the game, DISH TV makes sure you can root your team on toward Super Bowl Sunday with all your friends and family.

Not only does DISH TV offer sports channel packages to keep you up to date with all the NFL action, but DISH also has leading-edge DVR receivers available to subscribers. You don’t have to worry about missing a single touchdown. Love instant replay? With a DISH DVR, football fans can replay, pause, or record all the games. So, if you missed that last-second drive into the end-zone while you were grabbing another bowl of chili, you can see it all with a quick rewind.

DISH TV has more to offer NFL football fans! Record and watch your football games at your convenience from any connected TV in the house with a Hopper and Joey from DISH. And if you want to follow your favorite NFL team while you’re travelling, a DISH TV Sling Adapter will allow you to watch your favorite games on your computer or mobile device (anywhere you have access to the internet).

Football season only lasts a handful of months, so be sure that you’re set to catch the best plays and the hottest match-ups of the 2012 NFL season while it’s being played. Get the DISH Multi-Sport Package today and get ready for some football!

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