Get DISH TV for the College Football Kick-off!

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The summer is coming to an end, fall weather is right around the corner, and the university campuses across the nation are abuzz with talk about college football. It doesn’t matter if they’re a student, a member of the faculty, or an alum, all the college football fans in the U.S. are gearing up for the start of the 2012 college football season.

The college football season doesn’t last long – only a handful of months – so fans are anxious to make their game-plan for game day. If you follow Louisiana State, Alabama, Southern California, Oregon, or Oklahoma, seats for the games may be hard to come by (even if you’re a big contributor to the school). So now is the time to prepare to see the game on the big screen at home.

Fortunately for college football fans across the nation, DISH TV has all the best college football action with the ESPN Game Plan package. You want all the key match-ups on game day? You got it! With DISH TV, you get access to the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC, Sun Belt, WAC, and more. With the Tigers, Ducks, Crimson Tide, Wolverines, Trojans, Bulldogs, Sooners, and Gamecocks, it’s a season-long college football round-up on DISH TV and it can all be yours!

No matter where you went to school, where you live, or where your allegiances lie, the ESPN Game Plan package from DISH TV is your one source for all the college football action come September. And during the week, you can tune in with the ESPN Game Plan package to get access to unsurpassed coverage of college football news and information as it happens. Follow the action and the thrills as your favorite college football teams go all-out to win their conferences and bring glory to their schools.

And if you’re a pro football fan, just remember that tomorrow’s NFL heroes are playing college ball today. The best in the NFL today came up through the college football program under great coaches like Coach Nick Saban in Alabama, Coach Bob Stoops in Oklahoma, and Coach Urban Meyer at Ohio State.

Can’t stand the idea of missing a single game? No problem. With the ESPN Game Plan package from DISH TV, you can stay close to all the college football action as it happens. But if you miss a game, your DISH DVR receiver (available to subscribers) will let you replay, pause, or record all the college ball games. So, if you missed a key play because you were running down the street for more ice, you can see it as it happened with a quick rewind and replay.

You can also record and watch college football games from any connected TV in the house with a Hopper and Joey from DISH. And if you want to follow a favorite college team while you’re travelling, a DISH TV Sling Adapter will allow you to watch the game on your computer or mobile device (anywhere you have access to the internet).

As the college ball season begins, be sure that you’re set up to catch the best plays and the hottest match-ups of the 2012 college season. Get the DISH ESPN Game Plan package today and get ready to cheer them on!

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