Introducing the Hopper from DISH Satellite TV!

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Have you heard about the Hopper? It’s simply the best set-top DVR device ever developed. We all know that digital video recorders (DVRs) have been around for over a decade. You record a show; you watch a show. In some cases, you even record more than one show at the same time. In the old days, you’d return to your DVR – wherever that DVR was actually sitting – and watch your shows at your leisure. The problem with the original stock of DVRs, although they were a great technological advancement – hailed as a miracle by TV programming enthusiasts across the globe – was that functionality was always tied to the TV where the DVR was attached. How many times have you sat down to a TV show or a movie that you wanted to watch uninterrupted only to have your viewing cut short when another household member took over the TV to watch one of their favorite programs? Here’s where the Hopper really shines.

The Hopper from DISH is a revolution in DVR technology. Not only can you record up to 2,000 hours of your favorite movies and TV programs, but you can also watch, record, pause and rewind them on any TV in the house that has a Joey multi-room extender box attached.

Here’s where the Hopper earns its high praise. Imagine this: You record your favorite program – one that you intend to watch in the living room after dinner. After thirty minutes, the kids rush into the room and switch the TV to one of their favorite shows. With other DVRs in the past, your program would be unwatchable until you had control of the TV once again. Not so with the Hopper. Even if you have to move from the living room to the bedroom, the Hopper, along with a Joey multi-room extender, allows you to pause your program and resume watching on a separate TV in a separate room.

TV fans rejoice! No longer is your romantic comedy interrupted or delayed by an action film. Never again will your sports program by pre-empted by children’s TV programming. Your shows are now yours to watch on your schedule, in whatever room you prefer. And if you have the Sling Adapter connected to the Hopper, you can watch your recorded DVR programs on your internet-connected mobile device or computer anywhere. Imagine that! Your programs are now available nearly anywhere with the Hopper, the Joey, and the Sling Adapter from DISH.

For those of us who record and watch a lot of TV programming, the Hopper is also the best option when it comes to recording in volume. With a massive 2 Terabyte storage capacity, the Hopper can capture and store up to 2,000 hours of programming (obviously that number depends on the type of programming your recording), which is more than enough storage for any size family and all of their favorite programs day after day.

In addition to the Hopper DVR, the Joey multi-room extenders allow you to connect up to 4 TVs in the house – one for mom, one for dad, and 2 more for the kids – allowing the family to watch up to three uninterrupted programs in the room of their choosing. You can even add a second Hopper and another set of Joey multi-room extenders to expand programming to 6 TVs.

In the end, you never have to worry about missing your favorite shows, sports, or news programs with the Hopper and Joey from DISH. With The Sling Adaptor addition, you can even watch your recorded DVR content from the Hopper on your internet-connected mobile device or computer anywhere.

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