Upcoming Fall TV Schedule Puts Some Familiar Faces in New Places

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Well, summer is almost over, meaning it’s time to start thinking about the Fall TV schedule and the premieres of new shows on network TV.

This year, we’ll be greeting some familiar names and faces to our TV screens. Many of this fall’s new programming features actors and producers linked to some of the biggest TV and film hits of the past few years.

Some Shows to Look for this Fall.

One show with the biggest hype is scheduled for Monday nights. “Terra Nova,” a modern day dinosaur story on Fox, is produced by Steven Spielberg, (which might explain some of the hoopla.)  It will be interesting to see if this show, featuring dinosaurs and time traveling as its hook, can fill the hole left by the end of Lost and the cancellation of Heroes for Sci Fi fans.

Speaking of Lost, “Alcatraz”, another show on Fox, reunites former “Lost” star Jorge Garcia with “Lost” and “Star Trek” producer J.J. Abrams. It’s currently scheduled to premiere during the mid-season, probably sometime early next year.

Monday nights, NBC has the new drama, “The Playboy Club”, a retro drama, ala “Mad Men” set during the era of the sexual revolution, seen through the eyes of the women who worked at the Playboy Club and the men who frequented it.

Tuesdays on CBS, Poppy Montgomery, formerly of “Without a Trace,” returns in “Unforgettable.” She plays a New York detective with hyperthymesia – the ability to remember everything that ever happened to her.

The Tuesday night lineup will also mark the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar to TV. She’ll be playing good girl/bad girl twins in “Ringer,” on the CW.

Also new on NBC is the Wednesday night comedy, “Up All Night,” featuring the return of Christina Applegate. She’ll be teamed with funnyman Will Arnett of “Arrested Development” fame and Maya Rudolph from “Saturday Night Live.”

Thursday nights, ABC has yet another “Charlie’s Angels” reboot, while NBC has “Whitney,” a brash new comedy featuring Whitney Cummings, who also serves the show’s creator and executive producer.

Check your listings.

This is a roundup of just a few of the shows currently on the new TV schedule. Air dates and times are subject to change. Check your TV listings for the most current dates and times.

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